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In 1977, Randy Newman told the world that “short people/got no reason to live.” Certainly, Mr.

It's A Small World – Full Of Small Men With Short Man Syndrome.

Newman crooned in jest, but the stma of being a short man undoubtedly can sting.

<i>Short</i> <i>Man</i> <i>Syndrome</i> - Joel Gross

Isn't He Lovely Short Man Stma Bitch Media

Let’s take, for example, Danny Devito, whose five-foot stature attracted media bullying when he made his Hollywood break in the late 1980s.

Short Man Syndrome - Joel Gross

Over at Genders Online, Michael Tavel Clarke hhted these three insults leveled at the actor: Newsweek: For a more contemporary pop culture example, how many media jokes have we heard about the heht different between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes?

Dating short man syndrome:

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